Palestinian Journalists and Activists Explore Jericho Agro Industrial Park

Palestinian Journalists and Activists Explore Jericho Agro Industrial Park



Over 15 Palestinian media Tv professionals and Journalist  Have participated in a full Day Press Tour Program that took place at Jericho Agro Industrial Park on Wednesday  October 25th, organized by  Japan International Cooperation Agency( JICA), and Japan Representative Office (ROJ) with the Support of JAIPCo and PIEFZA Team, The Tour  was also attended by H.E Dr Zakaria Al-Agha a member of  Palestine Liberation Organization-Executive Committee, and H.E Japanese Ambassador Takishi Okubo

The Delegation was welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer of PIEFZA Dr. Ali Shaath, and Mr. Nasr Atyani JAIPCo General Manager, as they both Appreciated the great strides Government of Japan and its people have made towards JAIP Project and its success, to maintain momentum in harnessing the Project incredible potentials since the launch of “Peace and Prosperity Initiative” in 2006 by H.E Prime Minister of Japan.

This tour visit aimed to share the success story of JAIP Project, and highlight the good economical practice it has achieved since 2012.  This tour has given the Journalists a first-hand glimpse to all the steps that are being undertaken to build a world-class manufacturing Environment with all services in place onsite and to gain a better understanding of the project’s Background”.

Later on Dr. Shaath noted the role of the Palestinian Government in encouraging investments in Palestine, and Particularly in Jericho Agro Industrial Park, by providing developed Lands to establish industrial parks, and special Incentives package for industrial investors, along with the other tax and customs exemptions.

In H.E’s speech Dr. Zakaria Al-Agha, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Director of the Refugee Affairs Department  Appreciated  the fundamental role Japan government and its people have played in Supporting Palestinian People, His Excellency highlighted the achievements made in cooperation with  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in promoting Collaborative work  to build a better future for refugees,  in order for them to enjoy a  prosperous  economy and practice their rights as Palestinian People.

On H.E’s Turn Ambassador Takishi Okubo Stated “JAIP is a key pillar element of Japan initiative Peace and Prosperity, that was launched in 2006.  As the success of this project is key player in achieving peace in the Middle East. H.E continued that the involvement of all parties and stakeholders Cooperation is important to improve processes, increase quality Management, and ensure consistent high standards of quality operations at JAIP, to ensure its sustainability and create jobs for the Palestinian people

On His Turn Mr. Atyani presented a brief about Jericho Agro industrial Park company, as a strategic company established by the most Leading Palestinian companies PADICO Holding, PIF and Sanabel, And he ensured the company’s commitment towards its Strategic Plan, and Objectives to take JAIP, and it Tenants to the international level, and to start a new step into collaborating with Palestinian Tv’s and Journalists to help Promote JAIP, and its Products

The meeting also included a comprehensive presentation made by Japan International Cooperation Agency on (JICA) about their projects in Palestine and the strategies of implementing developmental programs such as the peace program that promotes of socio and economic independence, Technical support programs and Grant assistance.



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