Embassy of Japan in the United States of America Hosted Jericho Agro Industrial Park

Embassy of Japan in the United States of America Hosted Jericho Agro Industrial Park

United States of America 3, October 2017– Building on the targets and commitments Made and announced by JAIPCo’s Business and Strategic Plan towards Promoting JAIP and raise awareness about its Tenants, Services, and Incentives internationally, An Official visit of JAIPCo’s Representative Mr. Ali Erakat took place to the Embassy of Japan, in the United States of America, aiming to share the success story of JAIP Project, and highlight the good economical practice it has achieved since 2012.

The Visit comes as part of a raising awareness Campaign, and Help establishing bridges of communication and linkages between JAIP and the international community, civil society and the private sector in the U.S by bolstering cooperation and explores ways to joint work with them.

Mr. Erekat was welcomed by Mr. Mamoru Kanno– First Secretary/ Special Advisor for the Middle Eastern Affairs  as he valued this visit and the efforts made towards taking JAIP to the international level, and he continued saying that Japan Government Pays a lot of interest to JAIP Project as its now considered a remarkable sign of Economic Development, and an incubator for the Palestinian Products, he noted that Japan Government and its people are very satisfied with the success the project has made since 2012

On his turn Mr. Erakat Appreciated the great strides Government of Japan and its people have made towards JAIP Project and its success, to maintain momentum in harnessing the Project incredible potentials since the launch of “Peace and Prosperity Initiative” in 2006 by H.E Prime Minister of Japan that aims to create a viable Palestinian economy through the Privet Sector Activities, and he ensured the company’s commitment to improve processes, and increase quality Management.

During the visit’s Discussion a presentation was provided about JAIP “a world-class manufacturing Environment with all services in place onsite”, and the consistent high standards of quality operations that are being undertaken to ensure the project’s sustainability, In addition to the incentives provided to local and international investors.

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