A Mission from IBEKA Institution Visits Jericho Agro Industrial Park

A Mission from IBEKA Institution Visits Jericho Agro Industrial Park

Jericho Agro Industrial park In cooperation with Palestine Industrial zone authority and the International Cooperation Agency “JICA”  hosted on Thursday August 17th, IBEKA Institution from Indonesia  as  a follow up mission on

“Community Participatory Development of Sustainable Energy, and Poverty Reduction for the Improvement of Basic Service Provision”

As part of their visit to JAIP the mission met with Mr. Ali Erekat, and Ms. Rahma Zaghari from the Marketing and Sales Department at JAIPCo, as he honored their Visit, and valued their interest to support the Park in the Fields of Technology, Transfer of Knowhow, and Capacity Building.

Mr. Erekat briefed about JAIP as national project that envision to build a platform of a sustainable Palestinian economy and to be an incubator for Palestinian  Competitive products and capable producers, as its equipped with world class infrastructure, and with services in place onsite, in addition to the incentives provided to local and international investors. This ensures the company’s commitment towards its Strategic Objectives to take JAIP, to the international level through initiatives which can help in strengthening the Palestinian Economy.

The Mission expressed their admiration for the rapid development achieved by Jericho industrial Park, and the quality of the products of the Parks factories, and the services provided, despite the difficult Palestinian Circumstances and situation.

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