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Who We Are

Jericho Agro Industrial Park Company (JAIPCo.) was established in 2012 in order to develop, manage and operate Jericho Agro Industrial Park in Palestine in partnership with the Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICo.) and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), combining the expertise in real estate development with the large capacity to implement such quality of projects in this sector, JAIPCo.Offering a variety of industrial and marketing solutions for investors in JAIP.

Jericho Agro Industrial Park established to be the first class of industrial park with the high-leveled technology for environmental protection. The park built on 615000m2; the first phase was established on 140000m2 with fully infrastructure and proper spaces suitable for all needed.

Jericho Agro Industrial Park could be a sustainable economic development model in Palestine and it will be the front gate to export the Palestinian product to the world.

Our Objective

With the help of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) JAIP will be the first class of industrial park with high-leveled technology for environmental protection, conservation of energy and efficient management e.g.: solar power generation, waste water recycle and cooling system series which was designed and submitted to the JAIP management, thus JAIP could become a sustainable economic development model in Palestine.

JAIP founded to help the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in establishing a viable Palestinian state with its sustainable economic development system through developing agro-industries, encouraging investment, promoting trade and creating job opportunities in Jericho city and the Jordan Valley in particular and in Palestine in General, with the regional cooperation with neighboring countries.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to development of a sustainable Palestinian industrial economy, through the expansion of new industrial park projects.
  • To raise investors awareness of the importance of multifunctional industrial developments.
  • To assist investors to obtain all necessary infrastructure and logistics services through clustering and bulk resources fulfillment.
  • To create a secure and efficient investment environment in Palestine.

Jericho agro industrial park is located in the eastern side of Jericho city, which lays 7 km away from king Hussein Bridge, 10 km north of the Dead Sea, 30k.m east of Jerusalem

History of Jericho

Jericho is one of the oldest cities; it is the first present in human history, in which we find the remains of the Stone Age revolution. This signifies a time period in which man quit the nomad life and adopted a life of stability dependent on agriculture and the domestication of cattle. it’s known as the first fortified city in history, ancient Jericho, or «Tal al-Sultan» is the oldest area of the city and is located at the top of a hill to the east side of the current city, archaeological explorations showed the presence of settlements dating back to 9000 BC. The city is located 36 km east of Jerusalem , and bordered with the Dead Sea, it’s considered the Palestinian borders with Jordan and their main gateway to the world. It has many historical, religious and tourist monuments, famous for the cultivation of bananas and dates, Temperate climate makes the city a favorite winter resort. It is an important agricultural area, the production of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.