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Participation in the industry conference in Dubai and hoped the Japanese side

It involved the development of agro-industrial city of Jericho company JAIP in the private conference in Jericho for the development of agro-industrial city, which was held in Dubai with funding from the Japanese side, which collect local investors in JAIP with Palestinian investors from the Gulf countries in order to promote investment in the industrial city and the creation of partnerships between the Palestinian private sector and foreign investors.

Implementation of linking agro-industrial project with the city sewage treatment plant

The Jericho agro-industrial company JAIP which is a subsidiary of Palestine Real Estate Investment Companies (Breguet) in the industrial cities, is implementing a project linking the industrial city JAIP pumps to transport the sewage plant sewage Jericho purification, comes based on the Breguet infrastructure development in the industrial city where Breguet management and development of the industrial city of Jericho, and provide all the services to investors within the region.

The expansion of the first phase in the agro-industrial city of Jericho

In support of the State of Japan within the agro-industrial city in Jericho, and in order to make it easier for investors and the possibility of reducing the fees paid, it provided a grant for the construction of six hangars (factories) area of 6000 square meters in the first stage in the agro-industrial city. A tender in this regard has been knocked down and put on the right company for implementation. The company has developed agro-industrial city of Jericho [...]