German Municipal Delegation visit to Jericho Agro Industrial Park

German Municipal Delegation visit to Jericho Agro Industrial Park

Jericho Agro Industrial Park Company, in Cooperation with PIEFZA, and Jericho Municipality, hosted a visit by a German Municipal Delegation on Sept 12th

The delegation, including ten German municipal officials, and representatives of the Global Engagement Association, met with Mr. Ali Erakat Head of the Marketing and Sales Department at Jericho Agro Industrial Park company, with the presence of H.E Mr. Salem Ghrouf mayor of Jericho to gain a better understanding of the Park’s Industrial System, and Help establishing bridges of communication and linkages between JAIP and the academic community, civil society and the private sector in Germany.

The Visit comes as part of a global exchange of Knowhow, Expertise, tools and technologies, as it aimed at bolstering cooperation and explores ways and means to joint work in those fields.

A Comprehensive presentation made by Mr. Erakat on Jericho Agro Industrial Park’s business Environment, development stages, and where it is standing nowadays with all Services in place onsite, the presentation also spotlighted the Incentives and investment opportunities, available for Local, Regional, and International Investors. And how International Cooperation would support JAIP and contribute to materializing the sustainable development in the Park.

A field visit was conducted after the meeting to Rihanna Company for frozen vegetables. Where Mr. Attoun founder of Rihanna Company welcomed the delegations and gave a brief about his production.



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