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you get investing in JAIP

An assortment of different incentives and services will be exclusively offered to investors in JAIP

Tax Incentives

On-Site Services supported by JAIP

Roads Network

The road network within the JAIP is on high standards with streets widths of 12m to accommodate trucks manoeuvring.

Electrical Power

Internal electrical power lines have been equipped to accommodate a total of 27mw to cover all investors’ needs


All communications infrastructure within the first phase of JAIP is fully equipped and ready to accommodate the tenants with technical support service by the Paltel.

Green Area

Green Area at JAIP amount to 12% of the total park area, in addition to the cafeteria inside the park to serve investors and factories.

Water Network

All infrastructure of water networks has been completed based on international standards, also a water tank with a capacity of 500m is available to support investor demands.

Waste Managment

The Joint Services council of Municipality of Jericho provides a disposal solution of solid waste from factories in JAIP, International standard sewage network covers all facilities inside the park.

Storm Water

Internal networks available to gather rain water inside the park and used for the irrigation of green areas.


Security and protection are provided  in order to maintain a secure investment environment inside the park.

in addition ...

  • Water Supply: PWA will supply 0.5mil.m3/year (Stage 1)
  • Waste Water System: JAIP is connected to the wastewater treatment plant of Jericho.
  • Electricity: 27 M/W sub-station provides the needed electricity for JAIP.
  • Solar Power Generation: 300KW supports the public services inside JAIP.
  • Telecommunication: PALTEL established the lines.
  • Access Road: Completed on October, 2010 by the Japanese Fund.

JAIP is responsible for only the maintenance of the on-site infrastructure mentioned above.

One Stop Shop Center OSS

JAIP contains a One Stop Shop Center (OSS) that supports and helps investors to complete all of their official documentation, and introduces a combination of marketing, promotion and legal consultation for investors in JAIP.

For more information regarding OSS services please visit OSS page at PIEFZA

  • Registration and complete the required governmental documentation.
  • Facilitate Banking and financial services.
  • Taxes, customs and other follow-up related to import and export documents.
  • Market penetration through trade promotion activities, and participating in various international trade fairs.